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Bluetooth Playback Devices - Error


Hello, I have a problem with my bluetooth speaker (LG Xboom Cube), and I think the solution can be added with little effort in the next version of its excellent program:

In "settings" --- "Playback" appear playback devices that are connected now (in real time) on my PC. When the bluetooth connection between my Xboom and my PC is not activated, the device is not in "Settings", because the computer is not detecting the device.

So when I decide to connect the Xboom by bluetooth, appears again in "Settings", but SoundSwitch not remember that I had checked the box above. This happens because the program can not remember a device that was disconnected.

I think SoundSwitch should have a way to mark a device that the user knows to be off as "remembered"; so, when you reconnect the audio device, whether it is marked as before.

Tested on Windows 10.
Argentina! (Sorry for my unprofessional English)