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  • The settings menu changed, you can now see a list of the sound devices on your system with a checkbox next to each one. Check the ones you want to toggle between.
  • When you left click the system tray icon you will see a list of the selected devices, this will allow you to easily switch between them manually.
Both of these changes are thanks to gregmac
  • Added a delete button in the settings menu to delete the selected device id from the list.


  • Added the possibility of setting a custom hotkey combination. If none is set, CtrlAltF11 will be used.
  • There used to be an empty window called "Main" in the background which exited soundswitch if you closed it. (It showed up if you pressed alt-tab) This window is now gone.
  • If an error occurs you now have the possibility to save a log file.


  • Added AutoStart capabilities.


  • Added credits and attribution
  • Fixed bug where SoundSwitch wouldn't toggle after opening settings first


  • Practically completely rewote the application so it would work way more smoothly, auto update etc

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