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Go here and click on "ClickOnce Installer".
That's it, you're done!

You might also need the C++ redistributables. They can be found here (x86) and here (x64).
(install both of them, I've had someone report they were using an x64 version of Windows but sill needed to install the x86 redistributable for it to work correctly.)


First disable Auto startup

You'll first need to disable the auto startup feature.
This you can do by opening the settings and unchecking "Run at Startup"
Or you can remove the shortcut from your "Startup" folder. (Start menu > Startup folder)
Then you can do a regular uninstall through the windows software menu.

Why do I need to disable auto startup first?

If you don't the application will try to reinstall itself after you restart your pc.
I can't change this, it's a problem with ClickOnce applications and auto starting them.


The application updates itself at startup, so no hassle there.
To see what changed between versions, you can check out the Changelog page.


Right click the SoundSwitch icon in your system tray and choose Settings.
Now select the devices between which you want to toggle.
Optionally you can also change the keyboard combination, by default this is {Ctrl + Alt + F11}
If you want the application to start automatically when your pc boots up, check the box "Run at startup".


Press Ctrl + Alt + F11 to cycle though the playback devices.
(Or a different key combination if you changed it)

Works on

Verified working on: Win 7 x86, Win 7 x64, Win 8 x64

Bugs, Suggestions & Problems

If you encounter a bug or you have a suggestion for the program you can report/suggest it here.
General problems or questions belong in the discussions section.


If for some reason your problem can't be solved or you just want to try something else, here are some alternatives:
soundswitch (same name, different program ;) )
Quick Sound Switch

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