Project Description

SoundSwitch makes it easier to switch playback devices (sound cards).

Go to the documentation to get started.

Soundswitch v3 (is on GitHub)

Thanks to Belphemur (Antoine) there's now a SoundSwitch which works on Windows 10!
You can find it here.
It's been tested on Windows 7 & 10.
If you encounter any errors with this version please create an issue here. (And not on CodePlex)

Thanks to:

For the named sound devices (now you don't have to fiddle with numbers anymore!)
Easy manual switching between devices by clicking the SoundSwitch icon.

Note (resurge):

I've seen a few reports of people having trouble running the program and I didn't respond to most of them.
The reason is that I've switched to a different operating system than Windows and thus won't be developing this program any further.

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